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Doggy Daycare

What is Doggy Daycare and what are the benefits for pet parents and their dog?

The saying that a tired dog is a happy dog is absolutely true!

You can be confident in dropping your pooch off for doggy daycare at It’s A Dog’s Life.  We match your pup up to an appropriate yard based off size and temperament. There is always a fun, dog-loving, trained associate in every yard. They help ensure safety is number one and that everybody is having fun!

Bringing your pup to doggy daycare at our Johns Creek facility is an option in which both pet parents and dogs benefit significantly.


Benefits of Doggy Daycare:

  • Your lucky puppy can release a lot of energy while in doggy daycare by playing all day with the other dogs and trained associates
  • They are mentally stimulated by the interaction with the other dogs and associates
  • As social beings, they have the opportunity to socialize all day with the other

Rest assured that when dropping your four legged family member off for doggy daycare that they’re going to have a blast! You will find that when you pick your pup up from doggy daycare that they will be happy to see you as well as dog-tired from a fun day at play. As you and your dog return home, you can be confident in knowing you are not returning home to a highly energetic pup that still needs exercise. Instead, both of you can enjoy your evening of relaxation.


Who is eligible for Doggy Daycare?

It’s A Dog’s Life welcomes all dogs for doggy daycare if they meet all of the following criteria:


  1. They must be at least 16 weeks old
  2. They must be current on their Rabies, 6 month Bordetella, DHPP vaccine and the Canine Influenza vaccine from a licensed veterinarian. We will need vaccine verification from the veterinarian prior to coming to It's A Dog's Life. 
  3. They must be spayed/neutered by 8 months of age
  4. They must meet all of our health requirements
  5. They must complete a temperament test

Setting up a temperament test:

If your pooch meets all of the vaccine requirements and is at least 16 weeks old, we will set up your pet for a temperament test. This will allow It’s A Dog’s Life the opportunity to evaluate your dog at play, and this is an all-day complimentary service on us.



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